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©2017.Darrin Lee www.darrinleejournalism.com Mother nature superior retribution Lady Britannia blood flowing veins, Lady Britannia blood source of all names, Safe in the arms of the sisters of mercy, Warm protector and cruel mistress, What am I doing in this place? Why does the doctor have no face? Pale, white, freckled Britannia blood and skin. Cosmic irony gift and curse. Mother’s nurture and mother nature. Pseudo privileged prejudice of illusory affluence. Eight years old hesitant confession of first suicidal thoughts from open criticism and mockery of “pizza face” freckled face on pale pigment. River of tears is full. Early as Kindergarten school system taught all the flaws and horrors of the history of multicultural country and colonialism. Since, have been a predicate, repeated legal, hard-working, tax-paying resident in seven foreign countries. Removed from tour buses for no reason other than favour of locals during time of thanks. “Infidel, fuel for the hell fire.” Attacked by six men for trying not to give up my seat as a paying customer. Refused acceptance, currency, service. Waygookin, Farang, Laowai, Gringo, white-man tax… Still love it and ‘em all. No hate for whole from ignorance of few… and don’t dare throw arms in the air with the “r” word. Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin. The love of the mother heeds the time that binds, The blood of the brothers torment labyrinth and rhyme, The heart of again another shattered in time Bloodline déjà vu the path you must find. Had the heart, but broke it every time. Each proceeding generation improved from the last, Better men than, aye… Gotta run like nothing in the world can pull back. -30- ©2017. Darrin Lee www.darrinleejournalism.com. Locations: Brighton Cambridge London Thanks: Alexandra Ro Ceniz Ibrahim Hannah Draper Karly Fletcher Isabel Laura Mazzollini Tom Nielsen Shell Allen Winsor Wing Yin Lee The Memories! Music: “18” Moby www.mobygratis.com. Sony FX7 Final Cut LiveType After Effects Colour Apple Computers ©2017. Darrin Lee

  • by Darrin649
  • recorded August 2016
  • uploaded Apr 07, 2017
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