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Clips from a tour around Poland's ancient royal capital, back in 1998. It demonstrates how long I was in Eastern Europe - and also why I need to get back there. Ten years, can it really be that long? I arrived in Krakow with precisely one Polish phrase at my disposal: Na zdrowie, (cheers). That turned out to be quite useful actually, as did the frayed map and the few addresses of local business people and translators I brought with me. It was April 1998, and I had ten weeks to not only write the bulk of a guidebook to Krakow, but also find, hire and train staff, sell advertising in the guide, commission maps, appoint a designer, a printer, a distributor, ad infinitum.

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Featured Location Info

Church of Saints Peter and Paul
Grodzka 54
Krakow, Poland
Krakow, PL
T 012/422-65-73
St. Andrew's Church
Grodzka 56
Krakow, Poland
Krakow, PL
T 012/422-16-12
Wawel Royal Castle
31-001 KrakĀ
Wawel 5
Krakow, PL
T (+48 12) 422-51-55

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