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Sit down, and listen to this story I say The story of the legendary Zane Patrick?s Day. It was a fine New York Saturday, the middle of March, To the Knitting Factory we traveled, And all arrived parched. The line was as long as the eye could see, Eager to drink with their hero, Zane Patrick Lamprey. Over six hundred people burst through the doors It was drinking and dancing, Open bars on all floors. With a great shout of joy our drinks we all raised When Zane said we saved it, Three Sheets! Saints be praised! The crowd drowned in Guinness to the sound of the band Everybody was merry, A drink in each hand. There?s Merenda the DJ, Irish songs she was spinning Jameson?s Revenge on the stage And Irish dancers were jigging. THIS unexpected surprise could not have been better Zane deployed his secret weapon, His friend Steve McKenna. He delighted us with an impromptu strip tease As Matt and Matt played he dove off the stage With the greatest of ease. Just when the party was in its full swing Zane held a contest of limericks To find the rhyming king Not all were so good, not all were so great But this limerick by Carlos Really took the cake Sadly the time came for the party to close Everyone was McKenna?d From their head to their toes We all thank you Zane Patrick for this we?ll never forget At least the parts we remember, We?ll never regret.

  • by TheMadPlatypus
  • recorded March 2009
  • uploaded Apr 10, 2009
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