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John and Cara take you to the magical ruins of Angkor. Angkor Wat is considered the largest religious structure in the world. The three tiered temple is surrounded by large walls, and a huge moat. Four lotus shaped cupolas rise 31 m above the third level with a 55 m tower in the center. The structure is a representation of the mythical Mount Meru and is colossal. The Bayon is a three tiered temple with winding corridors, steep stairways, 54 gnarly towers, and 216 massive faces that wickedly smile and stare. It is thought that the King constructed this temple with the faces resembling his own to watch out ominously over the provinces of his land. Ta Prohm is a maze of towers, courtyards, and narrow passageways that have been completely swallowed up by the jungle. Massive strangler figs hundreds of years old grip the ancient stones with their muscular roots toppling the walls and ceilings and in some cases actually holding them up. Preah Khan is a wondrous temple complex. It has a similar jungle atmosphere and stunning bas-reliefs without the loads of camera toting tourists who need to take their picture in front of everything. Banteay Srei has the best bas-reliefs in Angkor. These mainly depict Hindu mythology and gods, ordinary life of the Khmer people, and famous battles and moments in Khmer history. A bas-relief is created by removing stone using a chisel leaving behind a three-dimensional depiction. The detail and workmanship at Angkor is among the finest in the world.

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