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Episode 25

In Vino, Veritas--yes in wine, one certainly can find truth. I go on a hunt for the most famed wines, most tasting tours and most interesting vineyards around the globe. From Mantank getting wild in New Zealand's Waiheke Island, to Chris sampling a family run vineyard in Oregon, to Moravia's 2 hour old "Burchak," we bring on a tasting tour around the globe-- and we promise it won't get you tipsy. (*note, video best watched with a glass of wine)

1. Hanson Vineyards, Willamette Valley, Oregon by ChrisKohatsu
2. Mendoza, Argentina by Lauren
3. Mantank and the Winery on Waiheke Island, NZ by Mantank
4. Wine and Burcak in Moravia, Czech Republic by Julian
5. Bordeaux Wine Tasting Tour, Bordeaux, France by cinziaclc
6. Tre Galli, Torino, France by Jasen

  • by Kelley
  • recorded August 2009
  • uploaded Aug 26, 2009
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