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The origin of Baisha music lies in a gift from the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan. "Baisha Fine Music" is one of ancient China's few large-scale, classical orchestral forms of music and has twenty four tunes, locally known as qupai. Although archaic, simple, and elegant in style, modern Baisha is exquisite, euphonious, and energetic in character. Dongjing music was introduced to the Nakhi from the central plains during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and today it is the most well-preserved musical form in China. At least four unabridged orchestras exist in and around Lijiang, and these characteristic bands are famous for their 'three-olds': first, old men (most of the players are over 70 years old); second, old musical instruments (many are antiques dating back more than 100 years, some of which can not be seen in other places); third, old songs (all are antiquated classical music).

  • by ckomar
  • uploaded Jan 08, 2010
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