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Not your average video or video blog. Paul Grundman ( The Grundmaster ) Takes you inside Alaska while shooting a video for up and coming artist: Celeste. Along with old pal Jaee Logan ( Midem series) We'll get more hilarity than bargained for and some pretty daring moments ... please, don't try all of this on your trip, but do laugh and be entertained & educated at the same time. A few " F" bombs but that never hurt anyone, except your host while driving in -20 degree weather with his head out the window. Let's also note that Paul & Jay are music industry people. Jaee- or Jay, has had collectively over 12 million units sold through his past with Pebbles, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, En Vogue and so many more. Paul Grundman is son to mastering pioneer and legend Bernie Grundman, is a writer and arranger and also currently works with the artist featured. He is found daily at Bernie Grundman Mastering and somehow makes time to edit and score these " home " movies... once you see, you'll understand. A great thanks to all of you for your viewing, I do this because , its fun. I love it and I'm tired of seeing people half-ass it. I like to have the bloopers be part of the show to entertain. We have plenty of robust travelogues and this is no less BUT I strive to get the real experiences you might have if you put yourself in these places. I do my own stunts and camera work except where stated. I want to thank Kyle at Trip Films for his kind support and asking me to upload to Trip Films. It's an honor to be invited. Thank You . Crediting Blaqueice & Jaee Logan for making this adventure a reality. Thank You . Paul G

  • by grundmaster
  • recorded February 2010
  • uploaded Mar 15, 2010
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