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The Esterhazys were the equivalent of today's Trumps. They were among the largest landowners in Hungary during the middle ages and they were even considered minor nobility. Their legacy lives on at the Schloos Esterhazy in Burgenland's capital city of Eisenstadt.

The Schloss Eisenstadt is not a museum showcasing their opulent palace. It also includes an homage to Haydn, the talented composer that served as the family's personal composer for a large portion of his life. He lived with them and composed in their great hall. You can learn more about his life and work at the modern Haydn museum located inside.
There's also a beautiful cafe with outdoor seating.

  • by justin
  • recorded October 2010
  • uploaded Dec 16, 2010
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Schloss Esterhazy Palace
Esterhazyplatz 5
7000 Eisenstadt
Eisenstadt , AT
T +43 (0) 2682 / 63004-0

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