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Now is your chance to win a bag of Civet Cat Poop Coffee! This month if you A.) like us on FaceBook, B.) post a comment on our website, or C.) make a contribution to our IndieGoGo fund raiser for the Maverick Expedition you will be entered into the competition. Every comment, "like", and contribution of $10 or more gives you a vote. You can enter as many times as you like. For example, if you comment 10 times and give $100 that would be (10 comments + 10 contributions of $10 = 20 votes) 20 votes for you. On the 27th of May we will pick a name at random and that person will win a bag of Civet Coffee. The Civet is a type of cat native to Vietnam and the Philippines that almost exclusively eats coffee cherries. The coffee seeds, or "beans", ferment in the stomach and when pooped out (yep...) are gifted with a bold and magical flavor. Civet coffee has no after taste and is considered a delicacy around the world. Civet coffee is so rare that only 500kg are produced each year. Usually a single cup can cost $50. The bag we will provide you with is from a Civet in Vietnam and will give you 5-10 cups of coffee, depending on the strength. This is an exciting opportunity to try a wild delicacy from around the world (and one that has a really good flavor, believe it or not) and support a civet in Vietnam. A portion of the proceeds from the competition will go to protecting a civet in Vietnam. Don't miss out. One more time: 1.) Leave a Comment 2.) "Like" us on Facebook (or have friend refer you, that counts as 1 for them and 1 for you!) -or- 3.) Help us fund the Maverick Expedition by clicking on our IndieGoGo link and making a contribution of $10 or more. Every $10 gets your name in the pot once.

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