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2011. Darrin Lee. Please keep in mind, with regards to culturally contrasting objections: 1) There is probably more unethical treatment of animals involved in ordering chicken McNuggets, or the like. 2) It's certainly more offensive, or disgusting, putting a lit cigarette to your mouth. Thank you. Gaegogi 개고기 My first thoughts on covering this were filled with concern of offending people and protecting my own reputation. I quickly remembered, though, my long-standing principle "to slit my wrist before biting my tongue". With that said, I'm willing to put myself at hazard in the name of truth. If it's happening, it should be examined and the story must be told... for better or worse. -- To understand why a country eats dog meat, you need only look to its history of domestic animals. Imagine- You're a hunter-gatherer of the Neolithic era living far in-land in a region solely provided with coastal seafood. There are very few pigs or chickens and any cattle may be needed as working animals in farming. This is long before tofu... and you have to get the protein somewhere. -- So why is serving dog meat still legal in Korea? The Animal Protection Amendment (APA) Act of 2007 is unclear, at best, as to its impact on the dog meat trade. Dogs are not included in the Livestock Processing Act therefore no specific law governing the raising and slaughtering of dogs for food can be pointed to, so long as the act conforms to the general anti-cruelty requirements of the APA. There are plenty of venues around and they're not hiding what's on the menu. -- It's praised as the leanest meat source, very low in cholesterol much unlike pork, beef, duck, or even venison. Tradition recommends preparing it in a stew called "bo-sin-tang" 보신탕 and eating it during the hottest days of summer, known as "bok-nal" 복날. It's considered high-end dining for 15,000KRW/person. -30-

  • by Darrin649
  • recorded April 2011
  • uploaded May 27, 2011
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