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Imagine a structure made completely of 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. Imagine ceilings over 5.4 metres high (19 feet), walls covered with original artwork, and furniture carved out of ice blocks. Keep that thought in your mind, and you have conjured up an image of The H?tel de Glace, located just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City in one of the most beautiful natural parks in the area. It takes approximately five weeks to erect this masterpiece of architecture which now covers more than 3 000 square meters. The H?tel de Glace artisans amaze everyone by modifying and creating new elements every year. For example, there are 36 wonderful rooms and theme suites, the Ice Cafe, the magnificent chapel, an immense lobby with a candelabra lit by fibre optics, an interior courtyard, hot tubs and sauna, functional fireplaces, and the majestic reception room named the Ice Bar. The Hotel de Glace offers a truly unforgettable experience between nature and urbanity.

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Hotel de Glace
9530, rue de la Faune
T 418.623.2888

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