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Where else can you find the best pincho in the town of Valladolid, Spain? Only in Los Zagales where good food is being served, and the best pinchos are made. Awarded for being makers of the best pinchos, Los Zagales is located in the heart of Valladolid near next to La Plaza Mayor in La Calle dela Passion. They offer traditional and vanguardist pinchos which everyone enjoys most especially with good wine and wonderful company. Are you a lover of pinchos? Preferring pinchos over tapas is a choice and one easy choice, but having to choose which restaurant to enjoy the pinchos is another thing. Try Los Zagales, where the best pinchos overflow.

  • by Davidsbeenhere
  • recorded August 2009
  • uploaded Jan 17, 2012
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Featured Location Info

Los Zagales
C/ Pasi´┐Żn, 13
Valladolid, ES 47001
T 983 380 892

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