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Swiss Miss for a Week: The Kulm St Moritz Hotel
Naturally, the only way to stay in St Moritz is at one of the opulent 5 star hotels. The Kulm Hotel has the benefit of being the first hotel in the city as well! The founder, Johann Badrutt, built the Kulm and invited guests to his hotel in the winter--thus creating the now wildly popular "ski holiday."
There was so much to do in the hotel, I didn't even want to leave. From outstanding meals at multiple restaurants, to an incredible oversize pool, to an ice skating rink just outside, I could have been extremely content spending my days with the beautifully decorated Kulm Hotel walls.
However, the charming town and breathtaking ski trails pulled me out eventually, but it was lovely place to return home.

  • by Kelley
  • recorded February 2012
  • uploaded Apr 11, 2012
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