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8 Miles from Home Episode 7 (Local Gems of Chiang Mai Thailand) Episode 7 is about the local sight seeing gems of Chiang Mai in Thailand. Worried that they may be missing out on what their own city had to offer, Sacha, Jmayel and Eden set out to explore the nearby sights and attractions of their new home town. What they discovered was an array of beautiful temples, parks, landscapes and vibrant local markets. Some of the sights they discovered were well known, others were inspired by local knowledge and insight. The binding common factor being that they didn't have to travel for miles to experience something new. To see their professional photography and detailed accounts of the places that they visited and the knowledge they have picked up along the way. Visit: http://8milesfromhome.tumblr.com www.facebook.com/8milesfromhome or www.twitter.com/8milesfromhome Royalty Free music courtesy of www.jewelbeat.com

  • by 8milesfromhome
  • recorded August 2012
  • uploaded Aug 06, 2012
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