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Beautiful images inspire and captivate us! We sat down with one of our favourite Travel Photographers, Ken Kaminesky and got to talking about some of his most memorable photos and what was going on behind the lens. Ken tells us why he prefers HDR as his means of capturing destinations around the world and even gives advice for up-and-coming photographers wanting to set up a business. If you want to see more of Ken's work : http://www.kenkaminesky.com/ Or follow his blog: http://blog.kenkaminesky.com/ Get in touch with us: http://www.travizeo.com/ http://www.facebook.com/travizeo http://www.twitter.com/travizeo For more of our travel video work, follow the link below: http://vimeo.com/channels/travizeo Thanks for watching and don't forget to Like & Share

  • by Travizeo
  • recorded November 2012
  • uploaded Nov 23, 2012
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