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This video is about La Tranquera located in La Paz, Bolivia (circa feb 2013). Great Steakhouse in the heart of the city. We stayed in the Camino Real Aparthotel so it was convenient for us to go down to the restaurant but even the salad bar is worth it (though the entrees that come with the salad bar is a better value). We ordered the sizzling steak with chorizo and silpancho. silpancho (consists of a base layer of white rice followed by a thin layer of schnitzel-style meat is laid on top, followed by a layer of chopped tomato. In addition, onion, beet and parsley are mixed together and topped with either one or two fried eggs.) La Tranquera La Paz, Bolivia inside Camino Real Aparthotel Calle Capitan Ravelo #2123, La Paz, Bolivia Visit my food blog at www.seekingfood.blogspot.com for full entries of my food adventures!

  • by saikoxpooh
  • recorded February 2013
  • uploaded Oct 21, 2013
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