Tripfilms is building the travel channel of the web powered by a community of travel loving filmmakers. At Tripfilms.com, you can watch informative and entertaining videos and plan better trips.

We started Tripfilms in 2007 when online video was starting to become popular. Five years later, more than 15,000 travel videos have been shared at Tripfilms. Our TripVlogger program gives filmmakers paid assignments to do what they love: Travel the world and make great videos. We've been lucky to have so many supportive members who share our vision of bringing great travel experiences to life with video.

Company Facts

  • Tripfilms is a bootstrapped startup based in the financial district New York City.
  • More than 15,000 travel videos have been uploaded to Tripfilms.
  • The first video at Tripfilms was called "Dumpling Man"
  • Our first iPad App is the Austria HD Travel Guide
  • We made a lip sync video featuring some of our top filmmakers called "Call Us Maybe"
  • The Tripfilms staff includes a licensed veterinary technician, beekeeper, professional skateboarder, and the Tripfilms Band.
  • Our favorite restaurant is the Chipotle near Bowling Green, with 5 Guys Burgers a close second.

Got Questions? Feel free to email us at info@tripfilms.com

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