Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I’ve never filmed anything before, but I want to make travel videos. How do I start?
A. Awesome! We believe that anyone and everyone can make a great travel video, and that it is even possible for a non-edited video uploaded from a digital camera to be informative and inspiring! (We can help you with editing, too. Let us know: We recommend you start by watching "How to Make a Travel Video," and then, get out there and try shooting, with our five travel video requirements in mind. If you don’t know how to edit, you can add helpful and interesting on-screen text to your camera clip after the upload by using our Tips Tool, accessible from your Edit Videos page. For inspiration, watch the videos made by the TripVloggers on our Wall of Fame.
Q. I am going on a trip soon. Can you notify me when new videos are uploaded about my destination?
A. Absolutely! Navigate to the page for your destination, and click on the "Subscribe" link. We’ll send you an email when new videos are uploaded.
Q. How do you choose Editor’s Picks?
A. Editor’s Pick videos are videos that we think are especially informative, inspiring, and unique. They are videos we think are entertaining but also help users plan their trips. However, this does not mean other videos are not worth watching - we actually think that most of the videos on Tripfilms are successful in showing something interesting about a destination! If you would like to nominate a video for an Editor’s Pick selection, email us at Positive ratings and comments help, too!
Q. How do I embed a video on my website or blog?
A. You can find the embed code for the video you’d like to embed on the page for that video.
Q. I am a hotel (or other business) owner. I watched some hotel videos on Tripfilms and would love to make a video about my hotel too! Can you help?
A. Of course! We’d love to help you make an authentic, interesting piece about your business. Please email us:
Q. How do I sponsor a video?
A. It’s easy and affordable to sponsor a video or more you like for any period of time. Please email us at for more information.
Q. I have an idea for Tripfilms!
A. We love hearing your suggestions! Please email us:

For Filmmakers

Q. How do I delete a video?
A. If you need to delete a video for whatever reason, email us at, and we will remove it for you.
Q. My video does not look as good on Tripfilms as it does on my computer. What happened?
A. Unfortunately, because your video is compressed when we encode it to Flash, some quality is lost during encoding. However, you can minimize the degradation by exporting your video with these recommended export settings. If you need further questions about preparing your video for upload, email us at
Q. I just uploaded a video, but the location is not on my "Where I’ve Been" map. Why?
A. In order for the location you filmed to appear on your map, we need to map your video to the location’s coordinates. There shouldn’t be a delay of more than a few days, but if there is, please email us at
Q. My video covers multiple destinations. How do I choose one location to map it to?
A. We don’t allow videos to be mapped to more than one location now, so if your video covers more than one, please choose the location the video is primarily about, or, if there is no primary location, the location that appears first in the video.
Q. How do I submit information about the points of interest in my video?
A. If your video mentions a restaurant, hotel, store, museum, or other point of interest, please make your video more helpful by submitting the address, phone number, and website of the point of interest! This way, users can find out more right away after watching your video. You can submit information while you are uploading or through your Account page.
Q. My girlfriend stars in my video, and my brother wrote the music. How do I give them credit?
A. Please give them credit! We love to find out more about the people in and behind your videos. If your host, musician, editor, co-filmmaker, and/or producer are registered on Tripfilms, assign their usernames to your video while you are uploading or from your Account page. If they are not registered, tell them to create a profile so you can give them credit beside your videos!
Q. How do I add on-screen tips to my video?
A. Adding helpful and entertaining on-screen text to your videos is easy and fun with our new Tips Tool. Just click the "Annotate" button next to the video on your Edit Videos page. You can then insert whatever commentary you want at specific times during the video!
Q. I uploaded my video over an hour ago. Why isn’t it on the site yet?
A. Your video should be on the site within one hour of uploading. If it isn’t, please let us know:
Q. Will you sponsor my trip?
A. We do have limited opportunities for top contributors to travel on us as TripVloggers. The best way to be considered is to impress us by uploading lots of great travel videos to Tripfilms! You can also contact us to propose a project. For inspiration, watch the videos made by past TripVloggers on our Wall of Fame.