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Welcome to the Tripfilms Community

Here you will find helpful tips on how to get started on creating videos for Tripfilms.

Video Formats We Accept

We recommend H.264/MP4 but we also accept:.avi, .dv, .mov/.qt, .mpeg, .mp4, .3gp, .asf/.wmv, .flv

Compression Guidelines

  • Codec
    For best results, we recommend exporting your videos using the H.264 codec. Sometimes, this is referred to as MP4.
  • Frame Rate
    Use the same frame rate you shot, but 30 FPS is a good target frame rate.
  • HD (High Definition) Video Resolution
    We love HD videos! For HD videos, use these resolutions: 1280x720 ("720p") or 1920x1080 ("1080p")
  • SD (Standard Definition) VIdeo Resolution
    Use 640x380 is for a 4:3 SD video, or 640x360 for a 16:9 SD video.
  • File Size
    The maximum file size the video encoder will accept is 1 GB

Please email if you are having difficulty uploading your videos. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your videos to be encoded and display on the site. Thank you for sharing your travel videos on!

Tips For Shooting with a Smartphone

Smartphones like iPhones and Android phones have great video capabilities, and the newest versions can shoot in HD. Because you are bringing your smartphone on your travels anyway, why not make videos with you smartphone?

Here is a great video that gives some tips for making good videos with our Smartphone