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Jumping Crocs in the Adelaide River

http://davidsbeenhere.com David's Been Here is touring all the top sites and biggest attractions in Australia's Northern Territory. In this video, David brings us to the Adelaide River: home to the largest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the world. These amazing creatures are over 230 million years old and have one of the strongest bite forces of any living creature. Watch along as David and Wallaroo Tours feed these living dinosaurs their breakfast. Quite literally jumping out of the water to catch their meal, watching these massive creatures thrive is unlike any other experience in the world. For one of Australia's most riveting experiences, visit these jumping "salties" with Wallaroo Tours... just make sure to keep your body parts inside the boat!! For more information on this tour and all the top sites and attractions of the country, check out the David's Been Here Guide to Australia, now available for your Kindle as well.

  • by Davidsbeenhere
  • recorded October 2013
  • uploaded Jun 07, 2014

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