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Ancient Mycenae

David's Been Here takes you from Athens, Greece to the ancient site of Mycenae. A city-state dating back to the 16th Century BC, this was the center of the ancient Mycenaean civilization and is the location of the famous Mycenaean Acropolis. Tour through this ancient settlement with David as he displays the remains of the fortified citadel, its famous Lion's Gate, as well as the amazing Grave Circle. A cemetery of royal tombs located inside the ancient citadel, excavations discovered 19 bodies and a massive treasure trove of weapons and gold, which can now be seen in the National Museum of Architecture in Athens. Visit this historic site and archaeological masterpiece with the David's Been Here Guide to Greece, now available for your Kindle as well. http://davidsbeenhere.com Travel with us at http://blog.davidsbeenhere.com

  • by Davidsbeenhere
  • recorded April 2013
  • uploaded May 27, 2013

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