Getting Around: Hawaii Adventure

When TripFilms told us we were going to Oahu to shoot a series of well... Trip Films, we were very excited. It doesn't get much better than working with the love of mylife in Hawaii. But, there was one problem... I was nervous about leaving my kitties home for ten days without us. They seemed just as anxious as we were. Sashimi, who is in Part 1 of the Hawaiian Adventure, wouldn't get out of our suitcase. Luckily, we found a great sitter who eased all of our worries. Oahu was awesome. Although we were constantly filming, we did find some time to enjoy ourselves. We stayed in five hotels while we were there, so we were also on the move quite a bit. The weather was a bit spotty at times. When it rains there, it does it in short spurts. So you can be walking down the street in the sun, and all of a sudden it'll start pouring. We happened to be in Oahu during the "rainy season." The good thing is that it's so warm and sunny as soon as the rain stops that you dry off right away, so for the most part everyone just ignores it. Nonetheless, we still managed to get in some great beach time. A highlight of our trip, which we didn't include in our videos, was getting to see some of the locations for the television show Lost. We are huge fans of the show, so it felt a little surreal seeing these places up close and personal. We were lucky enough to get a guided tour from a local. Another cool thing was finally getting to see a whale! (If you saw our San Francisco road trip videos, you saw that we were really disappointed when we didn't get to see any.) We went on a catamaran ride, which included free drinks. The crew told us to yell out if any of us sees any marine life, so that everyone on board could see. Well, I had the honor of spotting a whale. It was my first time seeing a whale in person.This was also my first time seeing giant sea turtles. All in all, Oahu is an amazing place to visit. The people are friendly, the sun is shining and there's something for every kind of traveller. So take our advice, if you're visiting Oahu, don't just stay on the beach, there's a whole island of adventure waiting! -Mariessa aka The Urban Explorer

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Getting Around: Diamond Head

- Hawaii Adventure Part 3 - The world famous Diamond Head crater is located just east of Waikiki, and is a fun hike for the entire family.

  • by urbanexplorer
  • recorded February 2008
  • uploaded Mar 13, 2008