We prefer to travel as light as possible, but the adventure dictates the baggage. We've shipped bikes by train to Lhasa and then by plane to Qingdao. We've brought skis to Tehran and Delhi. And then sometimes we just pick up things on the way, like motorcycles in Bangkok (intending to drive them to Singapore). Of course, camera and tripod come no matter the adventure.
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We want to capture a story, any story--the best story we can. Generally, our films are not scripted, which adds authenticity but also increases risk because we never quite know if it will come off. In the end, we are satisfied if the audience is glued to the screen and can walk away feeling entertained, thought-provoked, inspired or enlightened. If we accomplish all four of these in the same film, then we've really produced a gem.

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Beijing's Markets

Beijing has some great markets to test your bargining skills. Here are our three favorites: the Antique, Pearl, and Silk Markets.

  • by InDeepFilms
  • recorded June 2008
  • uploaded Jun 24, 2008

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