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  • Member since June 2010
  • Anthony Pearson
  • From Gold Coast, Australia
  • Lives in New York City

I'm Anthony, and I'm having a pretty awesome time making it in New York. I used to live on the Gold Coast in Australia, but moved over here to chase the dream of working in the best city in the world. I'm loving travelling, and while I'm here really want to see the rest of this great country. Like all Australians, I don't travel without Vegemite.


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Destinations Anthony has filmed

Favorite Destinations
New York, Sydney, Fraser Island, Ayers Rock, Gold Coast
Dream Destinations
New York (woo check that off the list!), road trip through the deep south of the US, and the Monaco Grand Prix
Countries Visited
Australia, United States, Fiji

More about Anthony

Gold Coast, Australia
English, and I can say
Video editing, cars, digital design, talking to strangers on the subway
Favorite Movies
Wayne's World, the Matrix, Dark Knight, Point Break, XMen, Anchorman. And Australia. Just kidding
Favorite Books
Tomorrow when the War Began, by John Marsden
Favorite Music
Missy Higgins. Look her up. She is amazing
Video Editor
Griffith Univeristy, Australia