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  • Tony & Terri-Lynn Kalhagen
  • From Gold Beach Oregon U.S.A.
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Finding a passion and purpose to life and creating a sustainable career that has a broad reach to the empowerment of people and the planet is the combination of Makai Ohana Productions and The World Love Foundation both operated by Tony and Terri-Lynn Kalhagen. The couple has enjoyed a successful 25 year relationship while remaining freelance journalists and business owners while traveling the world and since 2007 have organized an international non-profit with the mission of providing health and sanitation to rural communities in West Africa. To that end they have used their Media business to produce documentaries, including the nationally acclaimed �Just a Drop�. These documentaries not only bring awareness to their cause but offer a rare look into tribal cultures in parts of Africa and Asia that are not widely seen in the main stream media. Production credits: Tony Kalhagen - camera - editing - music composer Terri-Lynn Kalhagen - travel host and public relations Fonetick Lee - One of our most used music producers - quirky, funny and bouncy beats Insomnian/Luxury Tax - soundtracks, chaotic rhythms and a bit of noise for good measure. Dave Harpe - beautiful atmospheric beatless soundscapes


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Gold Beach Oregon U.S.A.
English, can get by in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Fra Fra
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