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I, Stuarts, left my home at 19 and wound up in Chicago part owner of New Age bookshop, frequented by many psychics and occultists. There I became interested in Hinduism and Buddhism. In 1986, I discovered and fell in love with India and her people. I have been returning to Asia ever since. In 1989, I took 2 years off to travel to India and Asia. I managed a private audience with the Dali Lama of Tibet (a major highlight of my life). Louise is a wonderful singer who loves opera and adores India and Asia as much as I do. Namaste!


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India, Bali Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet
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India, Bali, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Singapore, Malaya, Canada, Columbia, Venezuela

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English, tora-tora Hindi, a bit of Spanish
India Asia, Travel, Quantum Physics, Web Site Development, Collecting India Handicrafts, Antiquities and Fossils, Buddhism, Metaphysics, Dali, Escher, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gardening (Orchids), Tropical diseases,
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Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Beetlejuice, Orlando, Zardoz, Amadeuus, Oh! Lucky Man, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleeper, Wizard of Oz
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The Gita, I Ching, The Razor's Edge-Maugham, Demian-Hesse, The Foundation Trilogy-Asimov, Jerry Baker on gardening, Any Alice Bailey-A Treatise on White Magic
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Enigma, Tibetian Chants, Beatles, Dylan, Stones, Mozart, Randy Newman
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