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  • Ginger Gentile
  • From Buenos Aires
  • Lives in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

When Ginger Gentile first came to Buenos Aires in 2002, she thought she would stay for a few months to learn Spanish and participate in grass roots social organizations. She never thought that her stay would be extended indefinitely or that she would become a filmmaker. Ginger fell in love with Buenos Aires~its cafes, 24 hour bookstores, thriving theatre scene, and passionate people~and found that while money was scarce, art was abundant. Her original plans of following her History degree from Columbia University with a law degree were exchanged for the idea of studying anything she wanted to. . . experimental theatre, dance, painting. While she loved to act, she realized that her passion is directing film. After studying and learning trial by error, she began to direct her own short films. In 2006, she did the camera work for UPA: Una Pelicula Argentina which won best film in the Buenos Aires Film Festival and edited its trailer. She has also made over 40 short travel videos for various companies, educational videos, commercials and behind the scenes videos of independent films. Currently she splits her time between working on fiction films (yes, she has three screen plays in the works) and filming and editing documentary films. Ginger is also beginning to look into the possibilities of making movies for classroom use in Argentina.


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