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  • From S.Elpidio, Rieti, Italy
  • Lives in Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

Who am I? A living being, a human animal generated on a very isolated planet. A tiny, bumpy, shaky, crazy, spinning orange shaped lump made of earth, wind, fire and water, not even perfectly spheric. It is albeit the most beautiful thing I know, in the cold terrible infinite enthropy of the Universe. It is Home. We call it "The World", or "Planet Earth" or "Gaia". I'm looking for places infested by people with the sparkle in their eyes, for childish wild souls into decaying hulks. I'm looking for places that makes words insufficient to attempt a description of sorts. I'm looking for exceptions, unusual places and sweet human beings from the back of beyond, destroying prejudices and unpacking tourist packages forever.


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lonely planet Earth
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Every inch of lonely planet Earth
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S.Elpidio, Rieti, Italy
italian, english, french, some spanish, little turkish
living my life traveling
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all Chaplin's and many others
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Bettinelli's, Chatwin's, Theroux's, Kerouac's, Steinbecks'
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All except extremes of all genres
Riding on a spheric garden around a star
I.T.I.S. L'Aquila