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I want to share the faces, the feelings and the realities of human issue through my lens. I am addicted to observing life up-close : every character, every situation, every sound and every details around me. Studying life unconsciously has become a habit and capturing moments is and will always be a passion. I believe this fascination has led me to be who I am today. I refused to just exist �?�¢�??�?? I want to live and to be doing something for the world and I believe in bringing about change through creativity. I love traveling, exploring hidden places and making friends as I walk around new town and hanging about in the train. I enjoy trying different kind foods and learning about new cultures. The smell of rain, sound of birds in the morning and watching the sunset makes me happy. Music and Dancing Feeds My Soul. I have worked on several Documentaries, Travel Videos, Experimental Videos, Promotional and Corporate Projects, alongside commercial project including Business Videos, Ads, Promos etc... My recent work includes Displaced �?�¢�??�?? An Award winning documentary on Street Kids, and a series of videos for Association Development of Pakistan which are exhibited in London, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia .. I am Currently working on several Projects including A Feature Length Documentary �?�¢�??�??Safar Dar Watan�?�¢�??�?? �?�¢�??�?? The Journey Within and Shattered - A Short piece on Human Rights... to mention a few. I am in pursuit to develop a life of a digital nomad, A Hopscotcher, with my partner in life... Being rebels with passion, we believe in a radically new social order and have faith that a different and more humane scheme of things is very much possible. It is our deepest desire to contribute in one way or other in the creation of a better future for humankind. A Catalyst by Fate, A Believer by Choice


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Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Canada, America, Kenya, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Venice, Madina, Makkah, Turkey, Samao, Saneo, Tanzania, Azerbhaijan, China, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland,
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Still Looking for One
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Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka

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English, Urdu
Cinematography, DOP, Production, Direction, Photography, Camping, Scuba, Beach, Religion, Life, Happiness, Dancing, Driving, Music
Favorite Movies
Baraka, Home, Emelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A Beautiful Mind, Story of God, The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Pulp Fiction, Story of India, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather trilogy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Hangover, The
Favorite Books
Quran, Story of God, Celestine Prophecy, The Da Vinci Code, Moth Smoke
Favorite Music
Electro house, House music, Rock music, Chill-out music, Ambient music, Trip hop, Break beats., Psychedelic trance, Sufi, sufism, [NO IDEA], Zohaib Kazi, KUNDALINI SHOCK ATTACK, Mauj
Director, DOP, Photojournalist, Hopscotcher
St Micheal's Convent, Curtin University of Technology