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  • Member since June 2007
  • Sarah Van Borek
  • From Kela
  • Lives in Kela (Mali)

Born in Canada, Sarah's particular affinity for Africa has her referring to both it and her place of birth as 'home'. Upon completion of her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Film & TV Production of the University of Cape Town (South Africa - 2006), Sarah went to Bamako, Mali (West Africa - 2006) to present her MFA work at an international conference. She fell in love with Mali (like she once did South Africa) and has since produced three films there. Sarah's film training also includes a Bachelor of Media Arts Degree from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (Vancouver, Canada - 2003) and a Certificate of Excellence from Vancouver Film School (2001). Sarah has approximately 30 film & video production credits across South Africa, Mali, Mauritania, Uganda, Canada, USA & Germany, with formats including: documentary, drama, music video, commercial, soap opera, multi-media and reality TV. A quick glance at any of her work should make obvious her passion for travel, adventure, music, laughter and fostering cross-cultural appreciation and understanding.


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