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A quick tour through the beautiful northern Italian city of Milan. Though much of it was destroyed in WWII, and then hastily rebuilt, the city still has many great sights. While Milan is now the financial and industrial hub of Italy and many remark on it's lack of charm (in comparison to cities like Florence or Venice) there is still a lot to see - as per this video. Also a word of caution: at many of the major sites you will find people that will grab your arm and place a piece of string on your wrist, declare it a mark of friendship, and then demand money in payment. When the money is not forthcoming, they can become irate and a group of their associates seem to materialize out of nowhere. Best to spot these less than well meaning people in advance and try and stay clear. SPESUS.COM ---travel videos.

  • by SPESUS
  • recorded August 2014
  • uploaded Sep 23, 2014
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