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A look at the two most important cultural sights in Milan: The Last Supper (by Leonardo da Vinci) in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Cathedral of Milan (Duomo). The former is one of the most famous paintings in the world and the latter is one of the most beautiful buildings ever constructed. SPESUS.COM ---travel videos. The first time I went to Milan was about 15 years ago and while much of the city has changed these two important vestiges of Western heritage still draw the crowds ... and ever more so today. Fifteen years ago filming and pics of the Last Supper were kosher, however, I guess they are trying to protect "their" intellectual property in the same way as movie studios/record labels - as all filming is banned. Same goes for the Duomo, you now have to pass through security and metal detectors and it is patrolled and guarded by soldiers with automatic weapons. Very different, and not is a good way.

  • by SPESUS
  • recorded August 2014
  • uploaded Sep 23, 2014
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