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Semuc Champey almost didn't happen during our Guatemala trip. Evan (fiance/occasional camera guy) got an amoeba and dysentery infection less than 24 hours before this was filmed, but we had heard so much about Semuc Champey that he was determined to see it. It took us well over 9 hours to get there, but it was so worth it!! Some things to know before you go: bring water shoes, towels, and your patience...Semuc Champey is very hard to reach, so you'll be crammed into the transports with other travelers with almost no wiggle room. Also, it's remote, so there is very little internet access. My mom didn't hear from me for two whole days (gasp!) while I was in Semuc Champey, and she thought I had died. So, warn your friends and family, get your stuff together, and GO! - Nathalie

  • by TheTravelMuse
  • recorded November 2014
  • uploaded Apr 03, 2015
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