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Dallas is home to one of the countries most impressive skylines. And where better to see it than from... ...Reunion tower. The tower is home to the GeO-deck, where you can get a full 360 degree view of the entire city of Dallas. There are dozens of massive interactive touch screens that help you navigate and identify the many notable buildings and public spaces of the city. If you aren't scared of heights, you can peer out for miles on the outer rim of the GeO-deck. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science houses a wide range of awe inspiring displays to brain teasing interactive exhibits. Whether it's dinosaurs, the cosmos, robots, or the physics of sports, there is something for everyone to play and learn about. With exception to special temporary exhibits, the Dallas Museum of Art is free of charge for visitors to appreciate. History buffs will love The 6th Floor Museum as it commemorates the assassination of President John F Kennedy from the actual building where the shooting took place. With 66 acres of beautifully landscaped flowerbeds, manicured lawns, and elegant water features the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a favorite for a pleasant outdoor stroll or catching that perfect photo. The Dallas World Aquarium is more than just fish. Here you can see sloths, monkeys, exotic birds, and even a manatee! The exhibits are laid out in a very natural format which makes you feel like you are in the jungle with the animals. The variety of sea creatures still incredible and few places make you feel as close to nature as you do here. Haven't have enough animals? Get to the Dallas Zoo where on top of all the usual animals, there's a petting zoo... and they let you feed the giraffes!!

  • by vidocumentary
  • recorded June 2015
  • uploaded Jun 19, 2015
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