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©2016. Darrin Lee www.darrinleejournalism.com 1/23/16-2/16/16 There is no control, no matter what the voice in your head tells you. Never has been. Never will be. In fact, either/or, one and the same: the only fork in the road resort path was preprogrammed into our brains long before mankind and lashed into our backs long before civilization. There's still so much more to lose. Your skin still isn't thick enough. Where are we going? What comes next? Which way is up? No matter, just stay the course, mind on the money and eyes on the prize. The invisible hands, long arms of the law, masters of puppets, ultimate bluffs are always at work controlling us even past threshold of pain and desperation. The fool's devotion: Love, lust, patriotism, rebellion, loyalty, devotion, protection, and protest all to the highest bidder, at the bottom line on the great equalizer. Survival of the fittest and self-preservation suckling at the power teat 'til the last breath. Nobody even knows what's real anymore, what to believe, what to strive for, how to live. Imaginary intimacy, holographic hoax heroes, fantasies over fact and obscene grandiose delusional pretentiousness is masquerading as social discourse and contribution. All this inundation and we're still left unsatisfied, so we fabricate antagonism, anything to fill the void, someone to blame. It can't be our own inadequacy and insecurity, so comes the one prerequisite for any being that is self aware: nemesis. To each his own struggle: Hard times, bad cards, thin lines, selective judgment and good guy badges, manipulated leadership, blowing whistles, smoking guns and false flags with smiles in the eyes and knives in the backs. Exacerbated hardship and conquest in pursuit of illusory luxury, beyond means lavishness and selfishness. Steadfast honour and integrity weigh most over gold digging incentives and security. Cease respect and submission to unscrupulous power and money. -30- Locations: Alexandra Bridge Bronson Gardiner Expressway Innisfil 10th and 11th Line E. Manotick Parliament Hill Rideau Canal 416N Thanks: Muran Rob The Memories! Sony FX7 Final Cut Live Type After Effects Colour Apple Computers Music: "Where is My Mind?" Maxence Cyrin Maxencecyrin.net

  • by Darrin649
  • recorded February 2016
  • uploaded Mar 31, 2016
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