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To really get to know Montana, take a road trip to its old mining camps and ghost towns, places that tell the story of its Wild West gold, silver and copper past, along with their booms and busts. Start with a visit to Virginia City, a place miners flocked in 1863 in search of a big time payday. The old west Victorian gold mining town sprung up and today a walk along a wooden boardwalk shows partially restored historic buildings. Today, you will find period displays illustrating what life was like during the booming frontier days with everything from outfitted stables, old time carriages and toy stores complete with home made dolls and blocks. Next up, we visit Bannack State Park you will find one of America's best preserved ghost towns. Bannack was the state's first capital (until it moved to Virginia City after gold was discovered here) and in 1862 became the first place gold was discovered. Today, the town is preserved as it was during the gold-rush-era with more than 100 log buildings, some with decorative facades. During its peak, the town was home to hotels, bakeries, blacksmith shops, stables, a grocery store, brewery and saloons.

  • by CatchCarri
  • recorded March 2017
  • uploaded Mar 01, 2017
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