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Win a Trip to Barbados!

Our lucky winner of the Tripfilms Film + Lime Giveaway trip to Barbados is Kristen from Hopscotch the Globe!!!

We're honored to offer Kristen this prize trip. She's an awesome filmmaker and we know she will make everyone proud. Watch her winning video, "Firsts in Puerto Rico." As the winner, Kristen will travel to Barbados and make a 5-video serious about her experience on this stunning island.

Thanks to all of the nominees for entering the competition, we had such a hard time choosing a winner as you are all so talented. If we could have sent everyone, we totally would have!

These were the contest rules:

  1. Nominate your favorite filmmaker by sharing a link to one of their Editor’s Pick videos on Facebook.
  2. Send us an e-mail with a link to your Facebook page so we can check out the link.
  3. Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter to be eligible.

We'd like to thank Barbados and Cobblers Cove for helping us put this contest together and we're so excited to see some great travel videos of beautiful Barbados and all it has to offer.

Barbados is a 21-mile long quaint Caribbean island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Once you set foot in Barbados, you’ll forget everything else that mattered before—you’ll bask in the sun, eat some tasty flying fish and while away your hours by the sea. Click here to learn more about beautiful Barbados.

Cobblers Cove is the best place to enjoy your stay on the island. The boutique hotel is situated right next to Godings Bay, a pristine beach with a coral reef with ample marine life. You’ll be able to take long walks on the beach, water ski or enjoy a stroll through the tropical gardens. Click here to learn all that Cobblers Cove has to offer.

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