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The Travel Muse gives viewers what guide books can't - the feeling, vibe, energy, mood, culture, and people of a place. It's not really about the facts or the hotspots - I mean, you can google that stuff! This is all about the attitude of travel, vignettes of my travel experiences that will hopefully inspire viewers to do the same....let go of expectations and plans, and savor the moments in between.

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Let's Get Real...Sometimes, Travel Sucks

Look. Travel can be hard. Its amazing and I love it and I'll never stop....but it's time to get honest here. S*** happens when you travel, and a lot of it is unavoidable. I decided to use my trip to Guatemala as an example of a few ways travel can - and does - go wrong! (plus Evan freaking out over the weird smells in our room CRACKS ME UP. Maybe you had to be there, but.....)

  • by TheTravelMuse
  • recorded November 2014
  • uploaded Jun 18, 2015