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Trippy Awards 2015

We had an incredible Trippy Awards this year and we want to thank you for supporting incredible and inspiring travel filmmaking with your votes. Congratulations to all of our nominees and the winners in each category!

Justin Plus Lauren are the winners of the 2015 Trippy Award for Filmmaker of the Year! Be sure to follow Tripfilms on Facebook for updates on where their "Choose Your Own Adventure" Grand Prize trip will take them and watch for videos from the trip on Tripfilms.

And the winners are:

Filmmaker of the Year Award

Host of the Year Award

Best Travel Show Award

Eye Candy Award: Best Imagery

Extreme Award: Best Adventure Video

LOL Award: Funniest Video

Destination Profile: Best Destination Video Award

Travel Bites: Best Food Video Award

Better than a Guidebook Award: Best Activity Video

Video of the Year


  • Choose your next adventure! The Filmmaker of the Year is our Grand Prize winner. For their prize, they'll win the best TripVlogger assignment of the year—the chance to travel anywhere they want to shoot a short video series. Plus, they receive the crown of Filmmaker of the Year for 2015. Practice your waves!
  • You will receive a travel voucher for $1000 which can be separated into $500 each for companion travel. By winning the Filmmaker of the Year prize, you will be asked to create a series of 5 videos (60-120 seconds per video) from your trip in the destination that you choose. We will ask you to submit your 5 video topics ahead of time for approval, but ultimately the creative vision is up to you!
  • The top winners in other categories besides Filmmaker of the Year will receive very stylish, very comfortable Tripfilms T-shirts. How cool is that?