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"When In Rome" is a funny street level travel show that doesn't go to the fancy hotels or eat in the expensive restaurants. We hit the streets to see what's up with the local people, parties, food & fun everywhere we go. Trying to blend in as much as possible (somewhat difficult for two 6 ft tall white Americans with a video camera) but we do alright. "When In Rome" is produced by As It Is Films a full service video production company for hire. As It Is Films edits, shoots, does graphic design, visual effects, color correction & sound. Got Video? Need Editors? Contact www.AsItIsFilms.com Subscribe to WhenInRomeTV on YouTube for more funny travel stories & news. See the full "When In Rome - Thailand" episode for .99 cents https://sellfy.com/p/CVYn


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Budapest, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Thailand & Cambodia.
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The Moon
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Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Australia, Hawaii, Spain, Serbia, Budapest, Amsterdam, Germany, Yellowstone, Hawaii, New Mexico, Montana, New York City, Chicago

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Detroit, MI
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Life & Travel. Some degrees as well.