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  • Julia Ninefeldt
  • From St. Paul Minnesota
  • Lives in Loveland Colorado

Photography and traveling is my passion. God blessed me with this gift in life and I believe I'm suppose to travel the world capturing it to share the light with others. Photography, travel, people and culture consume me. It makes me who I am today. From having my photography make National Geographic to just traveling the world on my own time, nothing will ever stop me from one day living my dream as a traveling photographer as my career. Give the gift of inspiration to others, but at the same time be inspired by others. Accept God's wisdom to know He made you perfect just the way you are and to experience inspiration from yourself through Him. Lyfe is as i see it not through this world's eyes or through my eyes, but through God's eyes. Everyone and everything I see is pure love and beauty. Live with integrity and in truth, with sensational inspiration and peace. Love and be loved. And always remember to do good for those around you.


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Favorite Destinations
Thailand, Nepal, Haiti, India, Mexico
Dream Destinations
Africa (kenya), South America (Brazil, Peru), South Pacific (New Zealand, Australia), Bali, Cambodia, Malaysia
Countries Visited
Thailand, Nepal, Haiti, India, Mexico

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St. Paul Minnesota
Photography, videography, traveling, art, language, music, snowboarding, sports
Favorite Movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favorite Books
Eat, Pray, Love
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Front Range Community College