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I grew up in the South of England, went to college in London, then University in Nottingham where earned a BSc in Genetics. On graduation I was faced with the prospect of joining the rat-race but chose travelling instead and in 2002 I began travelling around the world. I have tried many professions over the years from a courier in New York to scuba diving in Honduras and writing is my latest venture on my adventure through life. I continue to travel the world in my pursuit to eat a bowl of corn flakes in every country in the world. The diaries from these travels form the back bone of my first book, which details numerous experiences from those years on the road, travelling through over 60 countries from 5 different continents. Since the book I have now published many stories in magazines and been written about in various newspapers, countless websites, interviewed on radio stations in Ireland, Holland, Dubai and England and I appeared on Breakfast TV in Australia. I began making films in 2013 and have now developed a serious passion, or maybe obsession, for film making and I make films for both my Corn Flake mission and The Modern Explorers. For more details about me or my mission please go to �¢�?�? https://www.cornflaketraveller.com


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