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Khara is an Editor for the BBC and other production companies in the UK. She's worked with the likes of David Attenborough, and on some of the UK's most popular nature programmes. But she's also a travel addict, and being an editor often confines her to a dark room for weeks on end! In 2013 she & her boyfriend decided to sell everything & "freelance on the road". She now takes a video camera wherever they go. She loves the outdoors, adventure sports, eco-tourism, exploring diverse cultures, eating local food, getting off the beaten path, and documenting our incredible and precious planet.


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Favorite Destinations
Colombia, Mongolia, Galapagos Islands, Devon (UK)
Dream Destinations
Madagascar, Cuba, Namibia
Countries Visited
Spain, USA, Canada, Croatia, Turkey, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, UK

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English, Spanish
Travel, Photography, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Mountain biking, Hiking, Long distance trekking, Eating local Cuisine
TV Editor & Filmmaker