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  • Member since November 2011
  • Caspar Diederik
  • From Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • Lives in Matera Italia

Well, I?ve always loved exploring new ground. From the moment I was able to walk I gave way to my curiosity. As an 18 year-old, this passion for travel definitely took over. For an entire year I explored Australia with two buddies, driving through dirt and desert in our van, capturing our experiences on tape. We were already doing what we now call digital storytelling. Extended voyages of discovery followed, exploring South America, Asia and Africa, diving deep into the culture, learning the language, living with the locals to discover the stories behind a place and its people. My professional life, between travels, always took in the wonderworld of human interaction: from scientific research on organizational communication to leadership and motivation; from social media strategies to viral marketing. After a grand shift, escaping the corporate context, I decided to dedicate my precious life energy to Digital Storytelling. So I co-founded StoryTravelers, a growing tribe of concious-travel-enthusiasts with a shared passion for visual storytelling. A bunch of free spirits and narrative talents with an understanding of how a contemporary story is told and retold. StoryTravelers collaborates with awesome travel spots and smart inititives to help them carry out their unique projects. All to inspire people for more real and sustainable ways of travelling.


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Basilicata, Argentina, Mozambique, Brasil
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Colombia, Cuba,
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All over Europe, Southern South America, South East Africa, South East Asia, Australia

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Haarlem, The Netherlands
Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French
Visual storytelling, sustaniability, Food
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Massive Attack
Visual Storyteller
Social Cultural Sciences