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  • Member since July 2010
  • Jeremy Aiken
  • From Warrnambool, Australia
  • Lives in New York, NY

After graduating university in Australia with a BA in Graphic Design & Marketing, I worked for one of Australiaâ??s largest companies, managing an e-commerce store and implementation of online marketing campaigns. After working a few years in this job I couldnâ??t resist the urge to do a working holiday in Canadaâ?¦ something I had though about for many years. I spent 2 years in Vancouver, BC in a number of different jobs and loved every minute. I also developed my photography and videography skills further and was lucky enough to be able to assist with shooting Hotel promo vids Tahiti and Japan. In 2002 I had undertaken an exchange to upstate New York whilst at university and fell in love with New York City. So after my stint in Canada I took off on a massive road trip through the US with a couple of my best mates and ended up working in the media department at Camp Vega in Maine. I then moved to New York City and worked freelance there. I am now working for a production company in NYC shooting all kinds of amazing things!


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Thailand, Japan, North America
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South America, Egypt, Russia
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Canada, USA, England, Netherlands, France, Spain, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Tahiti,

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Warrnambool, Australia