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Hello! We are MahzTravel. We are a couple who travel the world nonstop for three years. We capture our experiences in pictures and videos. Traveling is our passion and we try our very best to give you a glimpse of what to experience out there. We share inspiration, passion and adventures. Find us at http://maHzTravel.com If you like what you see and would like your face or business to star in our next video, our film and production services are for hire. Why not promote yourself through an amazing visual medium?! Please get in touch via http://mahztravel.com/contact/ And don't forget to Like & Subscribe!


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Favorite Destinations
India, Indonesia, Iceland and Norway
Dream Destinations
Madagascar, Nepal, North East India, Mongolia, South pole and so many others
Countries Visited
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Iran, USA, Canada, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India,

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Swedish, Norwegian, English
Travel, Photo, food and culture
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Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Forest Gump, The colour Purple, 12 years of slave,
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Travelers and filmmakers