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I've been filming holidays for the past three years after getting tired of sending other people on holiday as a travel consultant in London. I started filming tours and accommodations in Africa and Europe and now primarily work in Australia, which I consider to be my home. I know it sounds like a tedious job and some days I wake up wondering why I do it, but hey we all have to try to make some money and I just happen to be going on tiresome trekking holidays, rough safaris and endless bus tours, staying in terribly luxurious hotels and resorts, and try to sell these holidays to others. What can I say it's a hard life, but I decided a long time ago that every day should be a holiday so now I will have to go through with it. For more info go to www.filmingholidays.com I'm a travel videographer and author, born in East Germany. I currently live in Australia and have lived in the Uk, NZ and the US. I studied Tourism and worked as researcher, hostel manager and customer service Manager for responsibletravel.com. Being a videographer is however the most interesting, challenging and rewarding profession thus far and allows me to incorporate all of my experiences in travel and tourism as well as my background in marketing.


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