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  • From Fort Worth, Texas
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If she isnâ??t behind the camera or in the editing suite, Vi is fervently mastering her skills as a filmmaker. Whether itâ??s creating graphics, mixing audio, or blending and cutting the shots, Vi has honed all the skills to make anything from poignant documentaries to the most effective commercials. After discovering her interest in video from a single high school course, Vi was inspired to double major in Film as well as Sociology, unaware that what started as a fun hobby would become her greatest asset. Melding the two schools areas of study, Vi documented the survivors of Hurricane Ike in the Vietnamese-American community for her first professional assignment. Since then she has shot and edited everything from public service announcements for school programs to commercials for small local businesses and major corporations like AARP and Walmart. When sheâ??s not working, Vi can be found running through the hills of Austin, caring for her vegetable garden, or playing with her eccentric rescue greyhound and great dane puppy.


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Favorite Destinations
Vermont in the fall or Portugal
Dream Destinations
Capetown, Bali, or Japan
Countries Visited
Vietnam, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Canada.

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Fort Worth, Texas
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