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Watch this video for fascinating insights into the culture, food, transportation, and attractions in Japan's greatest metropolis.
The surf culture is strong in the Rockaways. In this video from Fathom, it's clear that a little New Brooklyn has spilled into this Queens beach town.
It's hard to go wrong when visiting Priest Lake, Idaho. The lake is gorgeous, the activities are endless, and the serenity is unavoidable.
Do you believe you can fly? Strap on the JetLev and you'll be flying high above the beautiful Aruba waters in no time.
A road trip down Alaska's Turnagain Arm yields amazing sights, including surfers, kite skiers, and snowboarders on frozen lakes.
If you are visiting Oahu, you've got to try the shrimp scampi at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. Watch the video for an up-close look at this famous dish.
Amazing travel videos delivered directly to your inbox.
Amazing travel videos delivered directly to your inbox.
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